The Concept of Cloud Computing and Its Benefits for Human Life

Cloud computing then helps computer users to be able to use any application services and platforms without the need for installation. So that the storage space on computer devices tends to be efficient and always in roomy conditions.


In the application of technology, cloud computing has a distinctive concept where there are several types of concepts. Among others are:


  1. Software As a Service

The first concept is Software as a service which is often referred to as Saas. The definition is a cloud computing service that allows users to directly access an application. As a user, of course, you will be spoiled because you only need to know the application is running well.


No need to worry about infrastructure and other details that determine whether or not the application will run. Examples of applications that use the Saas system include Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook and several social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Platform As a Service

The second cloud computing concept is platform as a service or Paas which is a cloud computing technology that provides a platform for building applications using computing technology. So, for anyone who wants to create cloud computing applications like Yahoo! and his friends.


Then you can use a platform that uses cloud computing technology. Through this Paas, users can use all the features provided to build, upload, test, and configure applications that are created or created.


Examples of platforms that provide Paas-based services include Amazon Web Service, Facebook, Microsoft Azure, and many others. Through Paas, users can focus on creating and developing their own applications without the hassle of managing cloud computing infrastructure.


  1. Infrastructure As a Service

The next cloud computing concept is Infrastructure as a service or Iaas. That is a computing service that focuses on providing IT infrastructure such as CPU, RAM, storage, bandwidth, and also other types of configurations. Through this Iaas-based service, users do not need to buy their own computer equipment.


No need to worry about installing the device and bothering with its maintenance, because all you have to do is use it. It’s just that for security purposes, the OS, applications, databases, and others need to be taken care of themselves.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing


Through the explanation above, it can be seen that cloud computing technology provides a number of benefits. Some of them are:


  1. Stability

The first benefit is stability, which is no longer bothered by the process of increasing data storage capacity. When needed, service users simply contact the cloud computing service provider, the storage capacity will be greater.


This helps users of cloud computing services to save costs, because there is no need to buy additional devices. Whether it’s a computer with a larger storage capacity or buying a hard drive as additional storage media.


  1. Security

The second benefit is getting security guarantees, because high security features have been provided by cloud computing service providers. All data stored in applications, as well as cloud computing-based platforms and infrastructure are guaranteed to be secure.


  1. Flexibility

Cloud computing also provides high flexibility to its service users. Because all the data stored in cloud computing earlier, can later be accessed easily. Anytime, anywhere, and by anyone who has been given access to login.


This makes cloud computing technology very friendly for the digital era as it is now. Namely minimizing physical interaction, and focusing more on remote interaction but still maximum in doing a job.


  1. Creation

Cloud computing also supports users to further develop creativity and creativity in compiling projects. So that when the project has been done, service users do not need to send it directly to the company. But first sent to the cloud computing provider and in the future, just receive it.


  1. Cost Efficiency

Cloud computing technology certainly provides cost efficiency, because there is no need to bother providing complex infrastructure. There’s also no need to install multiple apps on your device just to use them occasionally. So that the costs incurred by the company become very efficient.


  1. Agile Performance

With cloud computing, users will be faster in innovating because they can easily take advantage of various technology sources and connect them with other services for more agile performance.


Not only that, deployment can also be completed quickly, making it easier for users to design and plan what the next step is. With results like this, users are given the freedom to experiment to optimize business transformation for the better.


  1. Deployments Worldwide

For your information, there are many cloud computing service providers whose infrastructure is spread in various countries around the world. Thus, automated businesses can certainly deploy quickly at the same time for different countries. In this case, the presence of a server near the user is considered important because it maximizes a better experience with faster performance.



How Cloud Computing Works?



Basically, cloud computing has two important factors, namely the data center which is located outside and must use the internet to access the data center. Then, the server resources in the data center will be pooled to create a large platform to store various virtual services.


After that, the resources that have been collected will be managed to be used flexibly, where users will be able to access more storage if needed.


The use of resources on-demand promises a scalable and flexible way, considering that the demands of cloud computing users are always changing as business needs increase.


Example of Cloud Computing


There are many types of cloud computing examples that users may already be familiar with in the business world. Here are some of them:

  • -Email services such as Gmail
  • -Data storage and backup services such as Google Drive and Dropbox
  • -Test app
  • -Data analysis
  • -Social media apps
  • -Video and music streaming service




The more we come here, the more cloud computing providers around us and in the end there are more applications and platforms that use this science and technology. In the future, its use or application in daily life will continue to grow along with the development of the internet.


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